Naomi's Esthetique Teratment & Facial

Japanes Laser Carbon Peel

Carbon laser peel is highly beneficial for all types of skin . It is also an excellent way to exfoliate and refresh your skin, providing rejuvenation and an instant refreshed appearance and leaving skin feeling softer, smoother and firmer.

This treatment provides several benefits such as

-Control oily skin & Acne

-Improve acne scar

-Clear Blackheads & whiteheads

-Minimise pore size

-Improve dull skin & uneven skin tone

-Lighten pigmentaion

-Reduces fine line & Wrinkle  

-Skin tighter & Glowing


Step 1- Cleansing

Step 2- Apply Carbon

Step 3- Laser Treatment

Step 4- Wash off the carbon + Moisturising

IPL Skin Rejuvenation

IPL skin rejuvenation is an ideal treatment for :

-Ageing skin

-Fine lines and wrinkles

-Brown sports/Pigmentation

-Acne scarring


-Improve skin tone and texture

-Boost collagen production

-Glowing complexion

-Lifts sagging skin

-Restores a healthy complexion


Step 1- Cleansing

Step 2- Apply Cooling Gel

Step 3- IPL Treatment

Step 4- Remove Cooling Gel + Moisturising

Oxygen Facial

The Rejuvenate Oxygen Facial promotes collagen and elastin production to improve skin texture and deeply hydrates smooth.

An oxygen facial will deliver many benefits to the skin. These include an increase in circulation, an improvement in skin texture, and hydrating dry skin. There is no down time associated with the oxygen facial, with the treatment being safe for all skin types. This type of facial is perfect to use after a laser treatment, and can be easily done on the lunch hour. It will help to detoxify the skin, restore cell nourishment, and stimulate collagen production. An oxygen facial will also help speed up healing time on the skin. An oxygen facial can help those with active acne, mature skin, dry and dull complexions, and oily or combination skin.

Oxygen Facial is an Ideal for :

-dry, oily & combination skin

-Aging skin

-Dull & uneven complexions

-Sun damage skin

-Acne skin


Step 1 - Deep Ceansing

Step 2 - Spray oxygen with rosa cell serum

Step 3 - Dr. Arrivo (Electroporation, LED light & EMS + RF)

Step 4- Mask Moisturizing & Neck+Shoulder massage


Permium Skin Facial

The Electroporation lifting facial naturally boosts collagen, sculpts facial muscles, and defines cheek bones while lifting facial muscles. Premium facial improves sagging, wrinkle, dullness, dehydration.

Premium Facial is an effective for :





-Refreshing + Soothing



Step 1- Deep Cleasing

Step 2- Caps ( Electroporation, LED Light & EMS + RF)

Step 3- Neck + Shoulder & Face massage

Step 4- Mask + Moisturising

Explaination of machine Function & Benefits


Beauty equipment for injection of collagen without use of a needle. It is difficult for a high polymer compound such as collagen and hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep into the skin from the skin's surface. An outstanding result can be achieved with the special technology called electroporation without any pain at all.

① It ensures effective penetration of high polymer compounds.
② Extensive area of possible penetration.
*Caps + Dr. Arrivo can be used around the eyes, lips and forehead as well as the neckline
(excluding the Adam's apple, where a needle cannot be used).


"Mesoporation" is a combination of mesotherapy and electroporation and is very popular as a mesotherapy without needle treatment in Europe for the most advanced beauty technology. This treatment is best known for its high penetration capacity into the skin. In comparison with other methods, it is reported that the penetration rate by mesoporation is about 10 times at 1mm deep in the skin and about 27 times at 4mm deep. You will be able to experience amazingly beautiful skin and effective aging care.

3. LED

Caps works effectively with the gentle light from the special LEDs developed specifically for beauty equipment, without damaging the skin.

Blue LED: 415nm (±10nm) Cares for skin troubles such as oily skin.
Red LED: 620nm (±10nm) Cares for fine wrinkles and fatigue in the skin to rejuvenate into bouncy skin.
Yellow LED: 590nm (±10nm) Cares for dullness to rejuvenate into a bright and transparent skin.

4. EMS

With four elements, it uses AC power in random order to gently stimulate the muscles to promote secondary muscle movement, providing a firmness and elasticity to the skin.


High frequency waves tend to flow along the shortest distance between electrodes. When high frequency waves flow through living tissue, they flow more freely in one area than another due to the characteristics of high frequency waves and electrical resistance that create heat generation in the area.


It vibrates with a special ultrasonic wave and cleans the pores to improve the skin's texture. It removes sebum and cleans the pores. It also prepares the skin for effective use of  Clione. 


Iontophoresis is an electric-based delivery of nutrients that circumvents many of the lipid bi-layers of the skin by directly penetrating between them, something that passive liquid diffusion cannot.  It is a reliable delivery technique when used in tandem with sonophoresis for enhanced lightening or hydration of the skin.

Once delivered into the skin, the ionic molecules can be activated if stimulated with an electrical charge to further propel them into the skin. This method is vastly superior to standard liquid diffusion, as repeated ionization offers a more concentrated collection of nutrients delivered deeper than liquid diffusion can achieve.

Iontophoresis is an effective for :






Step 1- Cleansing

Step 2- Iontophoresis

Step 3- Mask + Moisturising

RF Facial

Radio frequency (RF) devices produce an electric current using electromagnetic radiation falling within the frequency range of 3 to 300GHz. When this current passes through a tissue layer it produces heat.

Skin rejuvenation occurs as a result of the thermal or heat damage to the dermis, the skin layer beneath the epidermis. Because it impedes the passing current more than most other tissue in the skin, the subcutaneous fat layer below the dermis generates greater amounts of heat and paves the way for deeper thermal effects.

Heating the dermis modifies the original properties of collagen fibers. They thicken and contract in response to the heat. This is what leads to immediately visible improvements. Heat also causes long-term collagen remodeling, which is how skin improvements and tightening continue a number of weeks after treatment. The inflammatory response of the skin to the wounds induced by heat leads to additional collagen synthesis as part of the healing process.

RF Facial is benefit for

-Firming + Liftting

-Stimulates Collagen production



Step 1- Cleansing

Step 2- Dr. Arrivo (Electroporation, LED Light & EMS +RF )

Step 3- RF Facial

Step 4- Neck + Shoulder & Face massage

Step 5- Mask + Moisturising