Rosa cell Stem Cell Hydro Solution

Stem Cell Hydro Solution

Rosa cell Stem Cell Hydro Solution


Important Ingredients

Callus Culture Extracts help to enhance skin elasticity. This solution is concentrated cosmetic solution to restore bright, crystal-clear skin tone and elasticskin cordition by containing Vegetable Placenta, Glycyrrhiza glabra and Portulaca oleracea extract
New Material

New material to liposome water-soluble small peptide from pea – Eternal PTM
Eternal PTM has been verified to have wrinkle care effect and no side-effects after 12 weeks in clinical trials by IEC Korea

How to use

After washing and applying Rosa Cell Hydro Solution, roll into the forehead, cheeks, and nose using the micro needle roller
Repeat using Rosa Cell Hydro Solution once a week

Contents: 6mL x 10 Conditioned media vials