Rosa cell Vita-C Hydro Solution

Vita-C Hydro Solution

Rosa cell Vita-C Hydro Solution


Rosa Cêll Vita-C Hydro Solution featuring high concentrations of Vitamin C, plant stem cells, and peptides, is a multi- beneficial essence formulated to deliver significant and lasting results. It’s a proven skin lightener, a powerful Anti- Oxidant, DNA protector, and increases collagen synthesis more effectively than ascorbic acid. Plant stem cells work to increase elasticity and skin resistance to the dermis, which increases firmness and diminishes wrinkles while also working synergistically with peptides to further increase skin elasticity and collagen support.

Rosa Cêll Vita-C Hydro Solution combats sagging and aging of the skin, reduce wrinkles, and also gives luminosity to the face. It does this by stimulating the skin tissue, firming and toning. It restructures mature skin, repairs post-traumatic skin imperfections and increases the elasticity and hydration of the skin.

How to use

After washing and applying Rosa Cell Vita-C Hydro Solution, roll into the forehead, cheeks, and nose using the micro needle roller. Repeat using Rosa Cell Vita-C Hydro Solution once a week

Contents: 6mL x 10 Conditioned media vials